Social Security Disability/SSI

Unable to work for more than a year due to injuries, Vinal & Vinal will help you handle Social Security Disability/SSI claims for you or a client in Buffalo, NY.

We handle Social Security Disability/SSI Claims for disabled people. No-Fault and other insurance may require you to apply for Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability is important protection if you are going to be off work for more than a year.

Social Security Disability allows the person to get Medicare which covers medical not covered by your No-Fault or Worker's Comp.

No-Fault Lost Wages last only for three years or until the policy is exhausted. Social Security continues until you are no longer disability.

It is important to apply early because it can be a long time before you get a hearing in front of a judge.

Finally, you must have worked "recently", according to the Social Security rules. Time goes by quickly. Sometimes a person will delay applying due to a case pending or because they do hope to get back to work, and because there is no current urgency due to receiving other benefits every month for the first period a person is off work. Waiting too long can make you permanently ineligible, so contact us to apply for SSD for you or to fight your denial.

Please know that SSD does not have to be life long. We each pay into it for times when we will be off work. Our clients would work if they could but can't due to disabilities, some of which are life long, and for those people it is vital that we win and that they get Social Security for them and their families. For other clients, they are disabled for more than a year, but eventually after treatment, retraining, etc., they thankfully are back to work. Social Security is important to those familes as well so they do not lose everything during the years the working person was unable to work.

We'd love to handle the SSD/SSI claim for you or your client.

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